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Oceanflight Basic

Oceanflight Basic represents a pioneering leap in hydrofoil technology. It’s the industry’s first ready-to-use, plug-and-play flight control system designed to elevate your hydrofoil project to new heights effortlessly.

How it works

Flying instead of coding!

Oceanflight Basic empowers your hydrofoil project to soar without the need for a single line of code. Our vision is to simplify and democratize foiling, making it accessible to everyone interested in building a hydrofoil vessel. Make your boat fly with only four components:

The Brain


The Central Compute Unit is the powerhouse of Oceanflight Cortex. With its
onboard real-time processor, it handles all time and safety-critical functions,
including hydrofoil control. The embedded Linux-based compute system provides
comprehensive logging, data analysis, and remote support via a state-of-the-art
encrypted cloud link.

The Sensor-Interface

Universal-Communication-Node with RTK-GPS 

The UCN with it´s included RTK-GPS Modul is essential for precise attitude, heading, and position measurements to provide a safe and stable flight.

From Software to reality


Oceanflight’s actuators are purposely designed for foiling boats and deliver a smooth ride in combination with the flight control system. They are already available in two sizes, are IP65 protected and are designed for reliability, easy integration and maintenance. Minimal three actuators are required for a stable hydrofoil vessel, more are optional.

For a superior understanding of the situation


Last but not least the RTK-Antennas and the Radarsensor needs to be mounted. The Antennas on a high point with free view to the sky and the radasensor in front with free view to the water. Then you´re ready for the first testflights.

Configuration & Bring-up


After having all components in the vessel it´s time for the setup. But don’t fret. Our intuitive configurator & setup Tool simplifies the configuration of your individual hydrofoil. Just input a few keyparameters, such as wing count and positioning, and the tool automatically syncs everything with our software. No programming skills required!


Prototyping Hardware kit from 9500€

Our pricing model is designed to be simple and flexible. Each Hardwarekit for small boats up to 1to costs €9,500, which includes all the necessary hardware components (excluding cables, as their lengths vary based on the project). A Hardware kit with big Actuators for Boats up to 10to starts at 28.000€.Additionally, our software license fees are determined based on the size and quantity of your boat. We provide customized software license quotes to meet your specific needs. For individual projects and prototypes, we offer a significant advantage: we waive the software license fee until your boat is commercially sold. This means you can keep your development costs low until your project becomes profitable.

Remote support

Worldwide Support, Right at Your Fingertips

Our remote access capabilities are the key to a hassle-free foiling experience. Should you encounter any challenges during development, we can swiftly assume full remote control and provide timely assistance to meet all your needs. And if you require additional manpower to bring your hydrofoil project to life, let us know, and we can provide expert engineering services.