Efficiency, Autonomy
& smart boating

Oceanflight Cortex

Oceanflight Cortex is a pioneering marine communication system
revolutionizing the way vessels operate. Oceanflight Cortex seamlessly integrates
various critical systems aboard boats, such as engines, thrusters, or rudders, into a
unified communication network. Drawing from aviation and drone technology
expertise, it simplifies development, enhances operations, and aligns with our vision
for safer and eco-friendly boating.

No fenced garden

We've experienced the challenges of walled garden products in the marine industry in the past. Being unable to make software changes and constantly relying on supplier capabilities can be a headache for innovative projects. We're determined not to be the cause of such headaches for our customers. Our approach: Make our customers voluntarily use our support, because it's faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective, not because you have no other choice. That's why we've developed solutions that allow our customers to operate independently if they choose to.


Every project is unique, and so is the pricing of Oceanflight Cortex. Numerous factors influence the price, making it impossible to provide a simple offer. Moreover, the possibilities with Oceanflight Cortex are nearly limitless, which can increase Webseite 15 system complexity. We offer our system through close cooperation with our clients. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, share details about your project, and we'll provide an attractive offer tailored to your needs.